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We create what others dream of.


about us.

Accurate software is a leader in location based software development starting from mobile, desktop and web apps who send their location in the background to complex decision making AI algorithms for dispatch, fleet management, drive time estimations and drivers efficiency modules.

We create tailor-made solutions to empower enterprises who mange field employees or start up companies who manage large scaled location based operations and  services to create you a beneficial and flexible journey to ROI.

We are committed to our customers success and create our solutions concerning our customers seed budget. We can deliver fast and agile software to create POC/MVP for investors and understand that our customer’s success is our success.

Our experience in multidisciplinary projects with tight schedules. Thus, leaves you in good hands knowing what we can do will match your expectations.

Accurate Software believes in agile software development. in this way we can deliver flexible products designed to adopt new technologies.

We specialize in in creating rigid APIs from our own global drive time estimation learning systems © to secure and flexible APIs for credit card payment solutions and ACH transfers.

Over our combined decades of experience we have created dozens of programs and thousands of scripts taught us to write a solid, well documented code that can easily be maintained. In this way you can scale with us and grow maintaining or source code instead of re-building the entire project after your beta.

We also specializes in React JS / React native app development to create a truly multi-platform solution designed to run on more than one operating system or on a web solution with the same functionality without building the entire project from the start.op ©  


Your success is our success.


Our focus.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Fast delivery

We deliver agile software designed to reach MVP and give you, the entrepreneur, a chance to create and launch your dream.


We specialize in with enterprises who mange field employees or software companies who offer location based services

Solid code

Solid code is our main product.
Start you project with a powerful, easily maintainable, readable and documented code.


We create and design powerful apps. We bind server data to app elements, creating a real time UX experience for your users.


Our team.

Our team of experts is here to build quality products.
Adi Iluz

Founder & CEO
Adi stated Accurate software in order to deliver users quality, real time experience.

Mayan Anger

Lead programmer
Our client side expert. Mayan has the skills to create the UX best suited for your users.

Eitan Goldberg

Eitan Goldberg has decades of experience developing large scaled operations.


Projects Completed


Satisfied Users


Positive Feedbacks


Hours invested in customers


Our goals and principles

We are to deliver code that is:

fast and safe

We are committed to  deliver fast and safe code so your users  can rely on our code to work every time using the latest tools


Optimized for mobile

We firmly believe in React Native when it comes to mobile app development. With React Native we can deliver high-end hybrid apps that renders only native elements. 


Material design

We firmly believe in material design. Doesn’t matter if you are developing a web application or a native mobile app we direct the user simply.


customer oriented

We appreciate our customers and believe that their success is our success. We have every interest for our customers to succeed. Creating a beneficial journey for your dream.



We let our customers speak so you can see how work is done with us

Accurate Software delivered a fast and agile software. Throughout the experience I have seen nothing but uncompromising professional work with the latest technologies.

During development I have seen some very out-of-the-box solutions who created an app within minimal time


Shimon Ohana

Founder, Hero


Why Select Us?

We understand your requirement and that your success is our success.

We know that in order to succeed you need to create an MVP/POC to show future investors as quickly as possible.

Configurable System Architecture

We understand that today’s start ups world is competitive and requires you to implement new technologies in a fast rate

Rigid And Scalable Infrastructure

In our years of experience we have created working and rigid systems with code that we can use in your next project.


Sometimes, in the world of innovation, we need some out-of-the-box solutions to complex problems.


We understand that every day that you haven’t launch is money wasted. So, we are committed to strict deadlines.


We let our customers speak for themselves. Throughout the years of experience we have come to know that our customer’s satisfaction is what drives us forward. 


Our Blog

Some of our ideas

Read in details.

We invite you to explore some of our technologies and believes in our blog.
New to code? You could always Contact us for any professional questions if you have any.
We are committed to help young software engineers in their path to glory.

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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
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