5 things you need to check about your software engineer

It is a very hard task to choose a software engineer or a development company for your project. One might say even the most crucial decision in a start up’s life.

The first thing you want t check about your software engineer is how updated he is. A software engineer should be very proud in the technologies he is using, and, if he is not, seems like he might need to learn some new technologies.

The second thing you should find interesting in your future software engineer or development company is the stable projects they have delivered. You would want to see just how many users are currently using their code.

The third think you must know about your future programmer or development company is which similar projects he had done before? You would want to see he plans to reuse working code on your project, and if so, would it affect choosing the technology for your project.

The fourth thing you musk know about your programmer is the way he andles errors. If you see a lot of unhandled errors you would know this programmer is not the right one to keep your project bug free.

And, last, but most certainly not least, is the person he is. A developer would, in many times, bear bad news about delays and technichal issues preventing you from chasing your dreams. Look for peoples people, somebody you can work with for years to come.

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